Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mission Compleat

Finished the final Stoneforge Mystic of the commissioned playset Tuesday night:

I'm actually pretty happy with this one, though the photos really don't do it justice. Here's another:

Aw, hell, you'll just have to trust me-- its really eye-catching and gorgeous in person!

For those of you in the cheap seats, here's a recap of the complete set:

And that concludes the largest commission job I've taken to date. Hopefully my client is happy with the results. As always, your comments and criticism are more than welcome.

Hm, now what?


  1. Sweet Sunforge Mystic Alter! Can I post some of your art works on my Altered Art Blog, ?

    I'd love to share your work on there.

  2. Sure thing! Just be sure to give me credit and link back to this blog.

    Thanks a lot for the props!

  3. sweet stoneforges~ keep up the great work! :) Anyways, I just wanted to suggest an idea I got from looking at all your amazing alters of stoneforge... maybe you can do one in the future with batterskull?

    My idea is basically to treat the batterskull as a bazooka and let her weild it over her shoulder or something :P or hold it as if she were holding a railgun..

    I know it doesn't really make much sense flavor wise but the image in my head seems pretty darn cool *_*

  4. How does one go about commissioning work from you?

  5. Indeed, I would also like some alters done!

  6. Yea how can one get alters from you? And roughly what prices are we talking about?