Thursday, April 28, 2011

It Begins - "Gideon Wayne"

Although I have considered myself an artist since adolescence, this blog is to keep track of a hobby I have recently started that combines two things I love: creating art and Magic the Gathering.

I am, by nature, somewhat mercurial when it comes to things like deadlines and consistent schedules, so its my hope that by keeping a visual record of my work, I'll be more inclined to alter at a regular, steady pace.

It also just so happens that this is the best way I could come up with to show off what I've done in a neat, tidy little corner of the internet where others can come browse, shop, or contact me for their own commissions. :)

So let's kick it off with my very first alter-- its a bit of a running gag in my playgroup that, whenever Gideon uses his +2 ability, his controller growls "Swear to me!" which is apparently some sort of line from the Dark Knight or something. Regardless, I've always felt Batman and Gideon had a lot in common-- two men made of the sternest stuff in the Multiverse, utterly dedicated to their principles:

So, anyway, this was my first "real" alter, but I had so much fun doing it (and it was so relatively effortless) that I can't wait to do more. Wish me luck.

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